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It's always weird, dealing with playing someone who has a different race, religion, gender, etc. from yourself. One can generally flub one's way along when playing an elf or a Wookiee, since the odds are good that no one'll be offended if you get something wrong, but even if there aren't any Lebanese or Muslims at the table, I'd still be careful about playing a Lebanese Muslim.


(Saturday evening, INT: EB and JH's apartment)

JH: So you just assumed my character would take yours below deck for a quick hump before the boss battle? We've known each other, like, a day and a half!
EB: Oh come on, a man and woman meeting each other on the battlefield, one last chance for intimacy before the end of the world...
JH: You don't even know if he's single!
EB: Isn't he?
JH: His parents have arranged someone for him to marry.
EB: Wow. Racist much?
JH: How is that racist? Arranged marriage is a real thing! Real people in the world still do that!
EB: Yeah, and there are really black people that deal crack and Arabs that blow up buildings, but making your character a black crack dealer or an Arab suicide bomber would still be a racist fucking thing to do!
JH: Look, I wrote it into my character's backstory from the beginning - he's a patriotic American, but he still respects where he came from. He respects his parents and their traditions, he's a devout Hindu.
EB: Oh come on, Jamie, you said this guy was a sysadmin. He's logical, educated, intelligent. It's not realistic for him to be religious.
EB: No offense, Gina.
GU: Yep, I sure am glad I'm not offended right now.