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It is worth noting that throughout the entirety of Max's game document (and the entirety of her GMing performance), there is only one sentence that relates in any way to the horizontal hokey-pokey, and it reads thusly: "This is going to be a fast-paced game and there won't be a lot of downtime, but if you manage to get your character laid, you will get ten Mayhem points, guaranteed.". Despite her friends' (certainly well-founded) fears, Max is more than capable of running a game that isn't entirely based around coitus.

After all, when you're in charge of the universe, sometimes you don't have to tell people what to do.


(Saturday evening, INT: EB and JH's apartment)

[game vision]

JH: I'm sorry, Mia. You're a wonderful young lady and a talented sniper, and I feel privileged to have known you, but...
EB: Yeah, yeah it's okay, Raj. I'm sorry, I guess the situation just got the better of me. You go try to get some rest or something.
JH: Alright, you too. Have a good night.
NP: Emily comes up to Mia.
NP: Hey. You okay?
EB: You heard that, huh?
NP: Small airship. I've been friendzoned like that before, I know it can be hard to deal with.
EB: He's right, though. I mean, we only just met at the DMV, we barely know each other...
NP: Well, I know enough about you to know that Raj doesn't know what he's missing.
NP: Emily reaches up, slowly, and softly brushes a strand of Mia's hair away from her face.
[apartment vision]

EB: What are you doing?
NP: I want ten damn Mayhem points, that's what I'm doing.