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Y'like how I worked a reference to "swirling purple smoke" into comic #420?

I had a lot of fun with the panel of the Doktor there. Here, take a closer look.


(Saturday evening, INT: EB and JH's apartment)

MH: Striding out of the swirling purple smoke, you see a linebackeresque robot body, and, atop its massive titanium shoulders, in an upside-down carbonglass fishbowl, you spy the horrendous shrivelled grey form of the evil four-thousand-year-old undeadborn Baron Doktor Von Embryo.
MH: Despite being the size of a prune and otherwise hairless, he is somehow rocking both a Hitler and a Snidely Whip'stache.
[game vision]
MH (speaking as BDVE): Yoo voolz!
MH: he says, through the autotuned amplifier in his robot's chestplate,
MH: (speaking as BDVE): Vinally, I hav loored yoo eento my-
EB: This is the big bad guy, right? The final boss?
[back to normal vision]
MH: I - yes, Ellen, he's the final boss. I have loored yoo-
EB: And we're outdoors right now, right?
MH: Yes. I have loored-
EB: And there's nothing over his head, right?
MH: Force shielding, carbonglass, and a few inches of necroplasmic amniotic fluid. Other than that, no.
EB: Okay, I've killed him. He's dead.
MH: Ellen, I know you're not exactly new to this, but that's kinda not how roleplaying works.