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If Jamie is my ego, Ellen is my superego, Max is my id and Lily is my internalized misandry, then Gina is my religious upbringing.

Note: not my religion or my former religion, but my upbringing, my childhood. As readers of my work may have guessed, religion - particularly mainline Protestant Christianity - makes up a good-sized chunk of my brain. Of course, it's up in there cohabiting with sex and violence and time travel and conspiracy theories and music and vocabulary and math and dick jokes and all that other stuff that comprises a human consciousness, and my brain structure doesn't seem to be laid out to keep it all separate.

Of course, if you've checked out the cast page, you may have noted that Gina is 31, making her - even if only by a few months - the oldest member of the gaming group. She may be a little on the meek side, but she's old enough to know who she is and to have some confidence in that.

(Also, note how Nicole doesn't seem to be surprised that Gina believes Max is going to hell...)


(Saturday night, INT: hallway outside EB and JH's apartment)

MH: Okay, real question: why, exactly, can't you date a non-Christian?
GU: Well, it's a matter of eternal destination. How could I have a romantic relationship with someone, if I'm not sure I'd be with him after we die?
MH: But you're okay with having heathen friends who are going to hell.
GU: Well, I wouldn't say... well, obviously I'm not okay with you guys going to hell...
NP: Wait, since when am I going to hell?
GU: ...since... always?
NP: Gina!
GU: Hey, don't look at me, I didn't do it!