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There have been a variety of attempts to make Christianity's binary afterlife more appealing. One such attempt was the invention of Limbo, a sort of vestibule of hell where the souls of the unborn and "virtuous pagans" can hang out. It should be noted that only Catholics believe in Limbo... and its existence has never been officially confirmed by any pope. It is, essentially, fan fiction.

Most Protestants simply believe, as Gina does, that the unborn, mentally challenged, etc. simply go straight to heaven. I remember reading some Christian fiction once that placed some scenes in heaven, and a few characters who had been zygotes and mentally challenged for their brief stint on Earth were walking around not only as fully formed adults, but as towering Adonises, superhumanly beautiful in both body and mind. It was odd for me, particularly because I knew enough about the human reproductive system to know that these unborn Übermensch should be outnumbering the saved by a significant margin.


(Saturday night, INT: hallway outside EB and JH's apartment)

NP: Okay, so as long as a Buddhist hasn't heard about Jesus yet, he doesn't go to hell.
GU: Right. Also, if you're mentally disabled, or if you haven't passed the age of accountability yet.
MH: How old's that?
GU: It varies. However old you have to be before you can understand and accept or reject Christ.
NP: Did Jesus or Paul or whoever say how old that is, exactly? On average?
GU: Well... this stuff isn't actually in the Bible.
MH: Wait a second. How the heck are you so sure about all this crap if it isn't in the Bible?
GU: It's part of the revealed character of God. Throughout the Scripture, we learn about who God is and how He works through His actions towards humanity, and this revealed character is perfectly consistent.
MH: Oh, cool! So, throughout the whole Bible, God never lets bad things happen to small children?
GU (nervous): Ummm....