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Pascal's Wager is a magnificent and flawless piece of reasoning, provided that a) there are only two religions, Christian and non-Christian, and b) one can believe something, regardless of how outrageous, as an act of will.


(Saturday night, INT: hallway outside EB and JH's apartment)

MH: So what exactly constitutes being "saved"? What set of dogmas do we have to believe in, what prayers do we have to pray? Do you believe Catholics are saved? Mormons? Jehovah's Witnesses? Latverian Orthodox?
GU: Well, again, it's not my call. But as far as I'm aware, you just believe God exists, he sent Jesus to die for your sins, and you ask to be covered by that sacrifice.
GU: In fact, the prayer is pretty simple, I could lead you guys through it right now...
NP: Gina, I love you and I respect your point of view, but actually praying that would require me to believe the things you're saying, and... I don't. I really really don't.
GU: You should, though! It's logical! If you're a Christian and you're wrong, nothing happens. But if you're a non-Christian and you're wrong, you go to hell! It makes sense to be a Christian!
NP: Even if I followed that line of reasoning, belief isn't a choice. It may be to my benefit to believe that triangles have four sides, but I can't just make myself do it.
MH: Not without some fairly hefty psychotropic drugs, anyway.
GU: Somehow I don't think it counts if I talk you into converting while all the walls are melting.