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I was tempted to make panel 3 a cavalcade of cameos, but, as I've stated before, I only include cameos as "walk-ons", and something tells me this particular party will involve considerably more than walking on.

Besides, even with kickass sexytime comics like Chimneyspeak, You Suck, Curvy or The Rock Cocks, I'd still feel awkward contacting the artist and asking for permission to borrow one of their characters for a nude scene. It's just not done, you understand.

So yes, all those characters in panel 3 (aside from Max's significant others) are all Leftover Soup canon characters. I may even decide to give them names at some point. Alternately, if you prefer, your favourite character is in this scene, but they're just out of frame.

(Oh, and in case any of you were being particularly attentive and wondered how, exactly, Carol can be here... the cats are in the kitty room, the place has been vacuumed, and she has medication she can take beforehand, if she knows she's going to be somewhere cat-infested. Besides, this isn't the first time she's been shown in Max's apartment.)


(Saturday night, INT: hallway outside MH's apartment)

MH: So does prayer actually accomplish anything?
GU: Conversion's a prayer and it does something. We covered that.
MH: Yeah, but, like... other stuff. If God has a plan, and you ask Him to give you something, aren't you asking Him to deviate from His plan? Isn't He going to do what He wants regardless?
NP: Well, perhaps the point of prayer isn't to change God, but to change yourself.
MH (opening door): So... you might be predestined for A, so praying for B is futile, but do it anyway because it's good for you?
GU: Predestination or not, God instructed us to pray for things we want, just like He told us to be good to our neighbours. If you want something, pray for it.
(entering MH's apartment)

crowd of naked people: SURPRISE!
MH: Holy shit and hallelujah!
(GU has her eyes tightly shut)
NP (incredulous): You have surprise orgies?
MH: I have surprise parties. This one happens to involve naked people.
NP: That guy's already wearing a condom!
MH: Okay, so not everybody's naked!