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Nicole and Gina aren't frequent tumblr users, or they'd be familiar with the term "demisexual".

Demisexuality, as I understand it and as I've chosen to apply it to Gina, refers to a person who only experiences sexual attraction once an emotional connection is established - they might not feel anything towards a racy billboard or shampoo commercial, but once they come to know a person, their libido kicks in.

(This implies, I think, the theoretical orientation of anti-demisexuality, wherein one is only attracted to anonymous bodies, and the libido shuts down once an emotional connection is established.)

Demisexuality is usually classed as a form of asexuality, but I really don't think that's right. After all, depending on how readily one forms emotional attachments, one could easily be demisexual and still be pansexual, or hypersexual, or polyamorous, or promiscuous.


(Saturday night, INT: leaving the apartment building)

NP: Come on, Gina, that was a smorgasbord. There was a lot of diversity on display. You're telling me that out of all of those men and women, there wasn't one person whose naked body you found attractive?
GU: How could I? I don't know any of them! They're all just meat to me!
NP: Meat can be tasty. I mean, you've never met Ryan Gosling, but you still find him attractive, right?
GU: I really don't, actually.
NP: Well, come on, who, then? Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Oh, Jake Gyllenhaal, you have to like Jake Gyllenhaal.
GU: I like them okay, I guess. I like the characters they play, and I acknowledge that their faces are esthetically pleasing, that doesn't mean they start up my babymaking engines.
NP: Okay, sooo... Chris Pine. Aziz Ansari. Fifty Cent. Neil Patrick Harris. James Dean, back in the day. David Beckham. Drake. Zach Galifianakis. The entire cast of the Avengers.
GU: Stop making me think about naked celebrities!