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I suppose I could have chosen to use Gina as an avatar for religious sexual repression, but that's Willis' schtick and he does it well.

Oh, and in case anyone's wondering what the context is for Gina's quote, it's First Corinthians 7:7. I imagine, as with many of Gina's declarations of modern not-necessarily-biblical Protestant beliefs, I've got half my audience nodding in recognition, and the other half saying "Wait, they believe what?". And yes, as far as I'm aware, this particular chunk of Scripture is the primary (if not the sole) basis for the idea of celibate clergy.


(Saturday night, EXT: getting into Gina's car)

NP: Gina... are you asexual?
GU: I'm definitely not. I've... faced certain temptations, at times. But not with people I don't know, not just with anonymous faces on some billboard. I wish I were asexual.
(Gina is driving)

NP: I thought you wanted to get married and have kids some day.
GU: I do, because I'm not asexual. Being asexual is the moral ideal, that's what Paul says in First Corinthians.
GU: The Apostle Paul never got married, and he said "I wish all men could be as I am... but it is better to marry than to burn with passion". God allows marriage as a concession to people, so they have an outlet for their desires, but it's better if you're not troubled by them in the first place, and can devote yourself to serving God.
NP: You realize that means that if everyone were following the perfect moral ideal, there wouldn't be any more humans.
GU: And if Eve hadn't eaten the forbidden fruit, we'd all be immortal, and that wouldn't be a problem!