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Behold, a Master at work.

Note how he approaches the female while she is alone - no need for a wingman!

Note how he uses the ever-so-subtly condescending term "your little friend" to refer to Max - this helps to establish him as an Alpha Male!

Note how he brushes his hand against the small of Ellen's back as he passes behind her - this physicality helps to put the female into the proper, sexual frame of mind, but, as the back isn't technically an erogenous zone, if she reacts negatively, he can simply wave off her complaints as oversensitivity.

Note how he provides helpful information in regards to the female's workout regimen - proving his worth and superiority as a man.

Note how - in the very same sentence! - he comments on her glutes, letting her know that he's been paying attention to her backside (which is a compliment), while still implying that it's insufficiently toned (which is an insult). This trick will throw the female's fragile sense of self-worth out of balance, and she will continue to look to him for validation.

Truly, we are in the presence of a Master of Seduction, a King of the Game, and there is clearly no conceivable way he's not about to get super laid.


(Sunday morning, INT: Gym, treadmills)

[Ellen is on one treadmill, the one beside her is vacant]
[unnamed dude]: Ey, Mamacita. How you doin'? Your little friend isn't here today?
EB: No, she's... recuperating. She had an interesting night.
[unnamed dude]: Nice, nice, I getcha. You know, you should really be lifting your knees higher, help your glutes get the toning they need.
EB: Fascinating. Thanks for your input.
[unnamed dude] (boarding treadmill next to EB): So is this 'mill taken, or what?
EB (getting off): Knock yourself out, I'm going to go lift heavy blunt objects for a while.