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Behold, a Master at work.

Note how he doesn't take the initial rejection to heart - after all, the female didn't actually say "no" or "get away from me", so there's no way this behaviour could possibly be construed as sexual harassment.

Note how his body language is dominant and imposing, with arms held out, so that the female can get a full dose of his pheromones. Pheromones are a thing, right?

Note, again, how he nests a subtle criticism in a compliment - her self-image must just be reeling right now.

Note, again, how he injects the suggestion of touch into their interaction, without being overtly sexual about it - making his intentions clear on one level, while leaving himself plausible deniability on another.

Note how he casually dismisses and downplays the female's aggressive rejection, which is sure to defuse it.

Also, referring to himself as "Daddy" is a good move, because, as Freud said, all women are constantly seeking to earn their father's approval so that they can have sex with him. Or something like that.

Also, they love being referred to as "females", so that's a good move too.


(Sunday morning, INT: Gym, weight machines)

[Ellen is on one weight machine, the one beside her is vacant]
[unnamed dude]: Ey, Mamacita.
EB: Oh good, you found me.
[unnamed dude]: You know, I like how you're not afraid to keep working those arms. A lot of women would be concerned about their beefy arms not being feminine.
EB: Yep, that's me. Not caring about how feminine my arms are. I'm a rebel.
[unnamed dude]: Hey, if you like, I could give your shoulders a quick rubdown after you're done here. Might help keep them from feeling sore.
EB: I'm pretty sure if you try touching me, I'm not the one who's going to end up sore.
[unnamed dude]: Ooh, spicy. Daddy likes.