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Pepé's schtick has not aged well. Of course, even in the old original cartoons, there were frequent reversals, incidents in which he is de-scented and then pursued against his will (oddly enough, it appears to be the chase itself that excites him - Wile E. once caught the Roadrunner, only to hold up a sign to the audience that said "Okay, wise guys, you always wanted me to catch him... now what do I do?". Pepé takes things a step further and seems to be actively repulsed and horrified by the reciprocation he claims to crave).

These days, in the rare instances when Warner Brothers digs him out of the closet for the new cartoon or for commercials, he seems to be as irresistable as he thinks he is, for some reason, which I suppose beats the alternative.

Oh, and that dude in the background? You may remember I ran a contest at the end of 2012, with first prize being a walk-on in the comic. The contest was won by KV1NN4, but she gave her prize to Seth Triggs, the writer and artist for Buddies in Big Places, which you should all read.


(Sunday morning, INT: Gym lounge area, EM is resting a frozen yogurt on his knee and slowly eating it.)
EB: Alright, so imagine Pepé le Pew is sitting on a park bench, looking all sad. He sighs dejectedly, and all the flowers around him wilt. And Bugs Bunny digs up out of the ground, takes a look and says to the camera "Now, ain't that the saddest little polecat you ever did see?"
EB: So he reaches into that weird grey flesh-pocket he sometimes has on his hip, pulls out an old wooden clothespin, and puts it on his nose. And he walks over and says "Ehhhh, what's up, Doc? Why so glum, chum?"
EB: And Pepé says "Oh, Monsieur le Rabeet! I try so many theengs to make my chérie love me! I write her ze poéms! I serenade her in ze moonlight! I geev her ze flowéres and ze chocolat! I tell her I rearrange ze alphabet so zat vous and I are togezére! And yet still, she runs from me! I despair zat I may nevére find ze proper approach to showcase ze suaveness zat eez Pepé!"
EB (arm around EM): And Bugs puts his arm around Pepé, and he says
EB: "Look, I hate to break it to ya, Mac, but the suaveness of your approach ain't exactly the problem."
EM: So... you're saying I smell bad?
EB: Well, metaphorically.
EB: But yes, you also literally smell incredibly bad right now.