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I've never been a big fan of the 40K setting. Now that I mention it, I'm also not a fan of the World of Darkness setting, for much the same reason.

I guess, just from a storytelling perspective, I'm just not a fan of bleak, horrible, hopeless settings. Or, at least, I don't like bleak settings in which I'm one of the big powerful motherfuckers that help to contribute to the bleakness, horribleness, and hopelessness. I don't mind bleak, horrible, hopeless settings if I'm a weak and powerless protagonist who is striving - perhaps futilely - against that horribleness.

I'm not preaching against settings like that, I'm just stating a personal preference.


(Sunday morning, INT: Gym lounge area)

EB: Alright, I may have been too hasty. I assume there have to be some female Warhammer players.
EM: No, no, you're right. In the grim darkness of the hobby shop basement, there is only dudes.
EB: You especially good at playing, at strategy? You win tournaments, or whatever you guys have?
EM: Middle of the pack, usually. I never win anything.
EB: How about the painting, you're good at the painting?
EM: Well... yeah. Some of the other players actually get me to customize their armies...
EB: Boom.
EM: Boom?
EB: If you can paint a Space Marine, you can paint a half-orc wizard, or a custom My Little Pony, or one of those weirdass balljoint acrylic dolls. And hey, if you accept money for it, you can tell people you do it professionally.
EM: ...So what are you saying, I paint cutie marks on a bunch of pony figurines, then I can use them to hit on girls?
EB: No, Eric. I'm saying that when you're ready, you won't have to.