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I've already pointed out that I seem to have inadvertently fashioned Eric after an earlier version of myself (my subconscious is always better at symbolism than I am). As a thirty-something, I seem to have reached the point in my life where I'm constantly trying to give advice to a younger me.

The thing about younger me is that he spent a very great deal of time absorbing. Virtually all of my spare time was spent either watching TV or reading novels. Now, I don't necessarily regret that - absorbing that many stories helped make me the writer I am today - but I didn't start actually producing anything until I was out of high school. That's why my art is still as unpolished as it is... I'm still chasing that mythical 10,000 hours.

So yes, if I could give any one piece of advice to young me, it would probably be this - DO SOMETHING (and absorbing doesn't count as doing). Doing something makes you into someone.

Alright, and this is the last time I'm going to mention Seth, authour of Buddies in Big Places, because he appears to be exiting stage left.


(Sunday morning, INT: Gym lounge area)

EB: You want to know the secret to picking up chicks? It's not hard. It's really not.
EB: Step one, have something interesting about yourself. Painting minis, playing acoustic guitar, speaking Chinese, doing krav maga, anything.
EB (leaning in close): Step two, go to some social milieu where women are, ideally one where interaction is encouraged and appreciation for your particular talent is likely.
EB: That's it. Those are the two steps. I assure you, "negging" is not required.
EB: Well, okay, also, step zero: take your damn shower already. Seriously, holy shit.