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As a call-center customer service representative, being able to suss out the pronunciation of exotic names on the fly is a skill I've had to develop. Indian names actually aren't that difficult, at least they've got vowels. There really isn't any trick to it, you just sound out the syllables and make sure you keep'em in the right order thereafter.


(Sunday morning, INT: EB and JH's apartment)

EB(entering): Hey.
JH: Hey. You're late.
EB: I had to deal with something. My omelette get cold?
JH: I was just about to fridge it, actually, but no, it's still acceptable omelette temperature.
JH: Playing Raj last night inspired me, so I tried the chutney thing again, this time with some paneer and a little eggplant.
EB: Whatever it is, it smells like it needs to get in my mouth right now. I'm freaking starving.
EB: So, is this something Raj might cook for himself? Omelette la Raj?
JH: Well, Raj never actually cooked anything, but I like to think this might be the kind of thing that'd be served in the Bandopaploopa...Bandapoopill...
JH: In Raj's household. However the hell you pronounce it.
EB(eating): Wait, you gave your character a name you didn't know how to pronounce? Why would you do that?
JH(shrug): Realism!