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The verse in question is SoS 7:2, and there's actually quite a bit of debate among scholars over which indentation in the female anatomy, exactly, is being referenced. The problem is that the Hebrew language is a zombie tongue, a language that dried out in the second century and was forcibly resurrected in the nineteenth... and the noun here, shorer, is a hapax legomenon, so there's no other context for it.

I freely admit that my knowledge of ancient Semitic languages is spotty at best, but I personally side with the pro-vagina camp. I mean, I could certainly write rhapsodic love poetry about either body part, but the context here suggests vulva to me. It's like the "you tell me where to go / though I might leave to find it" line in Your Body Is A Wonderland. It's vague enough to get radio play, but I'm pretty sure Female Protagonist wasn't telling John Mayer to run down to the corner store for milk and eggs.

(Sunday afternoon, INT: GU's room, CA is still looking through the closet)

MH: Aw, jeez, this isn't some Bible thing against being visually attractive, is it?
GU: Not everything I do is about my religion, you know. But yes, there are some verses in Proverbs about not being too focused on makeup and jewelry and such.
CA: But the Bible does acknowledge that being esthetically appealing is, inherently, a good thing, right?
GU: Well, there's the Song of Solomon, a.k.a. the Song of Songs, it's essentially love poetry. It tends to be abstract, though: her neck is an ivory tower, her breasts are fawns, her navel is a goblet, may it never lack wine, et cetera.
MH: Ooh, betcha diamonds to donuts that one's a mistranslation from the original Latin.
GU: Well, a), right off the bat, you owe me a diamond, since this is Old Testament, which means it was originally written in Hebrew. And b)... what makes you so sure?
MH: Well, I may not be a professional Hebrologist, but I've been with plenty of ladyfolk, in addition to being one myself.
MH: And we may have tits that are bouncy like deer or necks that are straight like towers, but the goblet with the tasty juices in it... that ain't the navel.
GU (dropping Bible involuntarily): Oh, ew!