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The relationship of augury to Christianity is weird. There are places in the Bible where people cast lots to determine the will of God or what-have-you, and it's presented as a perfectly normal thing to do, but I think very few modern Christians would consider flipping a coin or spinning a Twister board to be a foolproof means of determining the Almighty's opinion... at least not on anything of consequence.

I actually don't mind the sorts of fortunetelling wherein one creates some random pattern (dealt cards, ink blots, offal) and, in context and with feedback, uses pareidolia to determine their meaning. That, to me, is just opening up another avenue to the subconscious, where information may lay hiding that you don't yet know that you know.

As I've mentioned before, I have a weird relationship with my own subconscious when it comes to both writing and drawing - to a very great extent, I simply sit back and let my muse do most of the heavy lifting. Whether the information is coming from some external numinous force or from my own brain is really immaterial.

(Sunday afternoon, INT: GU's room)

CA: You know, Gina, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
MH: Yeah, and Georgia O'Keefe paints orchids.
GU: No, Max is right. Navels don't have juice in them. It's like the arrow in the FedEx logo, I can't not see it now.
MH: So God - like all right-thinking individuals - likes a nice wet pussy. It's not the end of the world.
GU: Oh, I'm not upset. I suppose it fits with the rest of the book - a celebration of young love and... human anatomy. It was just surprising, that's all.
CA: Well, let's consider this revelation to be a good omen for our very feminine makeover, then. If that's allowed.
GU: Um... sure. I'm okay with that. A good omen in the Bible is allowed to be a good omen, even if it does happen to be genital-mucous-related.
MH: Hmm, so we're doing genital-mucous-related augury, are we? So how 'bout we get some guys in here, lay down a big Ouija board...
GU: Oh boy, hey, what am I wearing? Purple? I look good in purple!