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That quote from a "hippie chick" was actually paraphrased (with permission) from something someone said in their 2013 Sexy Self Comics Day comic. (You're all contributing to next year, right?)

Even those of you who haven't perused the NSFW version of the gallery could have probably guessed Max's body hair preference. Of all the name symbolism going in Leftover Soup, Max's is the most blatant - she could no more stop shaving at the knee than she could stop at second base or stop at just being a vegetarian.

(Sunday afternoon, INT: GU's bathroom)

GU (shaving legs): Why do we do this, anyway? Who decided that unnaturally hairless legs were feminine?
CA: It goes back to nylon shortages during the second World War. French prostitutes shaved their legs to make it look like they were still wearing stockings, American soldiers came home and told their wives to do the same, and America decides what's sexy.
MH: Plus, women are naturally less hairy than men, ergo exaggerating this difference exaggerates your femininity.
GU: Women are naturally shorter than men too. Why aren't men the ones in high heels?
CA: The heels are more of a display case for the shaved leg.
MH: Gina, let me share a piece of wisdom I once heard from a hippie chick with shaggy legs and armpits. She said to me "Max, smooth skin is easy on the tongue. Why would I shave my armpits? That's not what I want people to lick."
GU: Ah. So I'm guessing you only shave your...
MH: You kidding me? I laser everything from the ears down. I'd shave my eyebrows if I thought it'd get people to lick my forehead.
GU: Ah. Of course.