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Where does one draw the line between religion, habit, and superstition? If someone grabs an extra pack of gum so their total doesn't come to $6.66, is that a quirk to be ridiculed or an expression of piety to be respected? How is that different from, say, refusing to speak the name of G-d?

(Sunday afternoon, INT: dining room, GU's mother's home.)

JH: Okay, two eggbread thickcrust pizzas, one prosciutto and artichoke heart, one pancetta and crimini. Which do you want to try first?
GU: Um... actually, do you mind if I say grace?
JH: Oh! Oh, yeah, of course, yeah, go ahead. Let's say grace.
(both holding hands, eyes closed)
GU: Lord, we thank you that we were able to come together today and make these pizzas. We thank you for the plentiful ingredients and the inspiration to combine them. We pray for your blessing over this meal.
GU: We thank you that we can enjoy one another's company, and even though we may not come to a consensus on questions of your Salvation, we pray that we may, at least, give each other food for thought to go with the food for our bodies. In Jesus' name, Amen.
GU: Oh, and, uh, P.S., sorry about the challah thing, if that's an issue with you. Amen.
JH: Amen.