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I think a lot of people probably wouldn't mind if health in the real world worked like it does in RPGs or video games, with integer values for "constitution" and "hit points", rather than as a complicated mess of organs and enzymes that sometimes just stops working properly for no good goddamn reason. But then, I suppose that idealization is a feature of virtually all forms of storytelling - it allows for a simplistic world of good guys and bad guys, justice and mercy, weighty moral quandaries and acts of angelic benevolence or demonic barbarism. Tragically, the human body and the human heart are both, in the real world, not so simple.

Oh, and I suppose I should point out that one absolutely should not use a typical egg-bread dough as pizza dough and expect it to work out - the cooking times are all wrong and the dough would absorb too much sauce. Jamie's dough was closer to typical thick-crust pizza dough that happened to have egg in it.

(Sunday afternoon, INT: dining room, GU's mother's home.)

GU: Oh, this is ridiculously good.
JH: I'm glad the crust cooked all the way through, I was worried about that.
JH: You would think eggwash on eggbread would be redundant, but no. The shine and texture are really distinctive, I'm glad I wasn't lazy with that.
GU: You weren't kidding about the richness. I feel like every slice I eat, I'm going to gain ten pounds.
GU: Of course, that would violate the law of conservation of matter, since each slice doesn't weigh ten pounds...
JH: I prefer to think that every slice you eat, you gain a point to your Con score.
GU: Mm, if my stomach could hold as much as my mouth wanted, I'd have more hit points than the Tarrasque.
JH: Man, now I wish rich foods really worked like that. I'd go around to all the hospitals and stuff the chemo patients full of bisque and éclairs until they made their fort saves to go into remission.