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Yes, this is still Sunday, the day after Max's game. This day has had the highest strip-to-time-passed ratio so far in Leftover Soup, it runs from #441 to #490. The previous day was the previous record-holder, from #400 to #440.

While I have used it in the past, I cannot recommend the "build an inescapable scenario and assume your players will find a way to break it" gambit to my fellow GMs, not unless one of your players is an Ellen.

(Sunday evening, INT: EB and JH's apartment, EB's bedroom, EB is knitting and using her headphones to make a phone call.)

MH (via electronic speech bubble): Hey.
EB: Hey. Am I interrupting something?
MH (via electronic speech bubble): I'm not moaning and grunting in your ear, so no. What's up?
EB: I just wanted to apologize for how I sniped your final boss last night. It was a dick move and I'm sorry.
MH (via electronic speech bubble): It's okay.
EB: No, it really wasn't. You had built up-
MH (via electronic speech bubble): Ellen, I didn't have to allow it. I could have ruled that you can't declare a target after an attack's been made, or that the bullet couldn't navigate around the spatial warps without an antikythera, which you'll recall was a fairly major plot point. I chose to let you kill the Baron that way.
EB: ...Why?
MH (via electronic speech bubble): Baron Doktor Von Embryo had five hundred and fifty-five hit points, he got twelve ticks in a round, and if you used the Beat in his presence, he'd get to control your mind.
(INT: CA and TH's living room)

EB (via electronic speech bubble): Wait, then how the hell were we supposed to beat him?
MH (in elaborate makeup): I have no idea.
MH: But I knew you'd think of something.