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Seven and a half billion divided by ninety days is a little under a thousand people per second.

Oh, and that longass poster in the background is Erika Moen's Oh Joy Sex Toy comic about how pregnancy works, which, yes, you can purchase as a print.

And yes, as with Greenwood, it wasn't until I had actually started sketching this strip that I realized I'd named the guy at the clinic Doctor Ho.

(Monday afternoon, INT: sexual health clinic)

(Dr. Stephen Ho enters with clipboard, MH is already up on the table)

SH: Ah, Miss Hellenberger. Is it the last Monday of the month already?
MH: You got it, Doc. And I have been a very lucky girl indeed, so now I gots to feed the vampires.
MH: Plus whatever undead monster you have in the back room that drinks my pee, I guess.
SH: I'll be sure to tell him you called him that. Now, I have to ask - how many different sexual partners have you had in the last ninety days?
MH: Hmm, past ninety days? Let's see... there was my usual four... the party on Saturday... that date with the married couple... the twins... I was at that club on Fifth street... Paul's birthday... six others... that thing with the blindfolds... carry the two...
MH: Seven and a half billion. Give or take.
SH: Mm. No disrespect intended to your prowess, but I don't think I remember that.
MH: Well, I was moving pretty fast.