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Lot of topics I want to poke at with my pointed stick here, so I'm gonna go rapid fire. Ready, set, go!

1) Emergency Contraception: A lot of people - particularly people of the sort who would protest at a clinic like this one - would argue that EC such as Plan B actually does qualify as abortion. In fact, the whole reason Erika Moen drew the comic that's on the wall is so that she could follow up with this one, which shows otherwise. Of course, I have heard some of the more vocal pro-lifers dispute the official explanation... lady-parts-doctors are all biased in favour of killing babies, after all.

2) Protesting: Protests are dangerous, inconvenient, loud, and disruptive... the latter three of which are the point of the exercise, I suppose... but I have to wonder if we as a society should continue endorsing and using them. Yes, they've been used to accomplish great things, and there's something to be said for giving a voice to people who have limited resources, but rallies and protests are certainly not inherently good things. Any group with any agenda can have a protest. Presumably, if we collectively refused to give in to the demands of any group that tries to make their point via scheduled mobbing, said mobs would stop being scheduled. Although, come to think of it, that's most governments' stance on terrorism, and it hasn't stopped cash-strapped groups from trying to effect political change by blowing things up.

3) Sex positivity: I like to describe myself as sex-positive, but I'm never really sure if I should use the label or not. I certainly prefer good sex to bad sex, and I'm in favour of people enjoying themselves safely, and I want to end stigmas and misogyny and all that, but I can't help but feel that mammalian sexual intercourse, inherently, brings a great deal of suffering into the world - and, on balance, may be a bad thing. Similarly, I certainly prefer regular, solid bowel movements to constipation or diarrhea, and I make dietary choices for that reason in my own life, and would encourage those dietary choices in others... but I don't know if I'd really describe myself as "poop-positive". But then, I suppose that's why I wasn't consulted when the human genome was designed.

4) Otherkin: In general, if someone tells me they are something, I go by that. I mean, that's what you gotta do, right? That's basic. It can be tough, though, in the fringe cases, to smile and nod and maintain that level of respect... and, arguably, I can see the case made that it hurts the cause of people who genuinely suffer from gender dysphoria or dissociative identity disorder when someone who claims that they were Sephiroth in a past life insists on using the same terminology. It's virtually impossible to draw a hard line, though, to say "Therians? You guys are cool. Multiple systems? You guys are cool. Dude who claims he's a toaster? GTFO."

5) Pokémon: Mewtwo is badass.

(Monday afternoon, INT: sexual health clinic)

MH: Wait, you don't do abortions here?
SH: Counselling, pamplets and emergency contraception only. Nothing that'd pry a zygote off the uterine wall, let alone stop a beating heart.
MH: So... what are they protesting, exactly? People being sexually active at all?
SH: They're protesting the existence of genitalia, as far as I can tell.
MH: Maybe they're all Mewtwo otherkin and they're dysphoric about everything below the waist
SH: What in the world is a mutoo otherkin?
MH: Kids on tumblr who co-opt translingo to complain about how they'd much rather be a fantasy creature of some sort.
MH: I ain't judgin', though. Who among us didn't want to be a Pokémon when they were growing up?
SH: I'm forty-six. If you'd asked me, when I was growing up, what a "Pokémon" was, I'd've said "a Jamaican with a pointed stick".