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Alright, I'll admit, I had originally tried continuing this storyline on to a conversation with the protestors - Max did get stepped to - but I found it difficult to write the protestors without turning them into strawmen. It wasn't because I couldn't sympathize with the pro-life or sexually conservative mindset - I certainly can - but because I couldn't convincingly segue from yelling slogans and insults at Max to any sort of worthwhile discourse.

So yeah, I guess we're gonna have to go see what Jamie's doing instead.

Oh, and if you want decent storylines about abortion, abortion politics, medical issues, and so on, I highly recommend With Fetus.

And if you want a long-ass pink-and-white poster that depicts how pregnancy happens, I highly recommend Oh Joy Sex Toy.

And if you're at all interested in human sexuality (or have some of your own that you feel inclined to share with the world) I highly recommend checking out Sexy Self Comics Day.

(Monday afternoon, INT: sexual health clinic)

SH: Well, as usual, we'll have your results in a week or so. We'll phone you if you test positive for anything.
MH: Thanks, Doc. Hey, did you want me to try to talk some sense into the protesters on my way out?
SH: Oh, please don't. They're respectful enough at present, but I'm fairly certain I saw an egg carton and I don't think they're making quiche.
MH: Alright, alright, won't step unless stepped to, scout's honour.
[SH is doing paperwork]
MH (pops head back in): Just checking, it's still against medical ethics for us to bang, right?
SH: Medical ethics, common sense, and the vows of my marriage, yes.
MH: Hey, you got your due diligence, I got mine. See you in a month.
SH: See you in a month, Miss Hellenberger.