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If there's one thing I've learned in what I laughingly call my career, it's that networking is how people get jobs. Education, references, experience, resumé design, firm handshake, professional attire... they can all be trumped by networking.

I should really get around to doing some of it someday.

(Monday night, INT: back office of Capsaicin Lounge)

JH: Yo, boss, you got a second?
GO: Sure, what's up?
JH: Are we still looking to hire someone to replace Martinez?
GO: Yeah, that's what I'm working on now, actually.
GO: I've managed to whittle it down to two resumés that don't look like they were dictated to a monkey with a crayon up its ass, so now I gotta schedule interviews...
JH: Well, actually, I have a friend who's pretty desperate for work, I was wondering if you'd consider her if I put in a good word on her behalf.
GO: You vouch for her?
JH: Yes. Yes, absolutely. Vouching... vouching is what I can do. I'm a voucher. Consider her vouched for by me.
GO: Great, she starts first thing tomorrow morning.
JH: What, just like that?
GO: Well, if she doesn't work out, I can just hire both of these candidates.
JH: Both of them?
GO: Yeah. One to replace her, one to replace you.
JH: Ah. Yes. Vouching. Splendid.