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Left unspoken: "I assure you, sir, for reasons that you are evidently too oblivious to spot, I am more aware than most people of the fragility of the human hand."

Also left unspoken: "Pry out the nails, remove hair if necessary, brine for about 24 hours, grill at a low temperature, brushing intermittently with barbecue sauce. Serve with coleslaw and home fries."

(very very early Tuesday morning, INT: Capsaicin Lounge kitchen)

JH (holding a knife): This is not a toy.
JH: This is a razor sharp precision instrument that can effortlessly separate fat from skin, tendon from muscle, and ligament from bone.
JH: Now, we already have some meat we can cut right here in front of us, don't we, Cheryla? What meat do we have?
ChA: Uh... I don't see anything here, sir. Chef. Sir.
JH: Your hands, Cheryla. Your hands are made of meat. Never forget that.
ChA: ....yes chef.
JH: About eighty percent of the time you're in this kitchen, you'll have some sort of bladed instrument in your hand, and every single one of them can slice, dice, and julienne human flesh just as well as they can any other kind of meat.
ChA: ...And what is the preferred method of cooking a pair of human hands, chef?
JH: Don't get smart, I'm being dramatic on purpose.
ChA: Yes chef.