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The base nomenclature is useful, but problematic. It implies a competition between two opposing forces and perpetuates a conquest-based view of physical intimacy... and, as such, it is definitely - though I would argue, not inherently - misogynist.

And, of course, it also implies that there is a "right" way to do sex, where one must necessarily progress through mandatory stages in order to reach a specific goal - the only goal that matters. In baseball, one cannot skip over the pitcher's mound to second base, nor can one linger on second base without progressing, inevitably, to third and to home. I, for one, can enjoy getting to second base, decline moving on to third, and end the game without feeling that my time therein has been wasted.

The metaphor is also somewhat muddled when one tries to take the other aspects of baseball into account. Must the romantic partners in question take turns in trying to score points off each other? What, exactly, is one doing when one is at bat, before one gets to first - and what do balls and strikes equate to? What is the romantic equivalent of a foul ball, or stealing a base, or taking a fastball to the side of the head and walking to first?

(Wednesday afternoon, INT: Overdrive Computers)

(NP and MH are entering)
MH: Hey, Gina!
GU: Hey, guys. ...aren't you working today?
NP: I'm on lunch.
MH: And I'm playin' hooky.
MH: So, speaking of your romantic and/or sex life...
GU: We weren't sp-
MH: How'd things go with Jamie?
GU: Good? I think?
NP: Are you going to have a second date?
GU: I don't know? He kind of mentioned it was maybe a possibility?
MH: Second date, second base. Be sure to wear nice underwear. Or no underwear, that'd be my strategy.
GU: Well, if we are having a second date, he's not getting to second base, because you can't get to second base by cutting across pitcher's mound.
MH: You can if you believe in yourself!
NP: Where the hell did you learn to play baseball?