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The Internet facilitates a type of... we shall be charitable and call it "discourse"... that would have been unthinkable a few decades ago.

I recently discovered a... I'm not sure what to call it. A trend? A subculture? A fetish? A sociological phenomenon? I discovered a thing on Twitter.

I discovered the hashtag #cumtribute.

Yes, it is what you think it is, and it's not limited to porn stars. People of all sorts (mostly of the female persuasion) post pictures of themselves, sometimes with clothing, sometimes without, and gentlemen reply with pictures of those pictures covered in... fluids. Go ahead and search the hashtag yourself if you don't believe me, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Now, I hang with an artist crowd, and most of us will draw adult material (for varying definitions of "adult") if the price is right. It's generally acknowledged amongst our subculture that while we may expect - and perhaps even hope - that our commissioners will fully enjoy our work, we really don't need to hear about the extent of that enjoyment. Emails or IMs from a client detailing their eruptions are tactfully deleted the first time, aggressively parried the second, three or more is grounds for blacklisting. Encounters of that nature at a convention are the stuff of horror stories.

I guess everyone's different, though, and everything comes down to context. It all depends on what you're into, what you're looking for, whether or not it's something you wanted, or had communicated that you wanted.

...I could probably go on, write a five page rant about my thoughts on the role of male sexuality in 21st century Western culture and on the Internet, my thoughts on implied vs explicit consent, my thoughts on the relationship between artists and their audience, my thoughts on the psychological significance of jizz, both in general and for me personally, but I'm cutting myself off here. I expect most people probably don't want to read about it - or, if they do, they can find plenty of other semen-related discourse elsewhere on the Internet.


(Wednesday night, INT: EB and JH's apartment, living room)

EB: You know what the weirdest thing is about this?
JH: The fact that you've been close friends with this woman for nearly a decade and this is the first time you've found out about her bookshelf-worth of science fiction erotica?
EB: No. Well, yes, but no. It's the fanbase.
JH: What about'em?
EB: Lily has fans! Rabid, dedicated fans! Fans who contribute side stories and detailed 3D diagrams and lovingly airbrushed fanart of all different manner of Florenovian fuckbots.
JH: Well, as you said, she's a talented writer. And she's been doing this for years.
EB: It's almost all dudes, though! Literally every chapter has a comment at the bottom that says something like "omg this was so hawt I jizzed in my keybord u owe me a new keybord lol". And she thanks them for the compliment!
JH: Maybe she just figures it's better in the keyboard than in someone's vagina.
EB: A big part of our job involves cleaning keyboards. I assure you, it's not better.