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I tend to be uncomfortable drawing real people. My style doesn't lend itself easily to caricature, and if I exaggerate someone's distinctive features, I'm wary of insulting them. I suppose it's what comes from being almost exclusively self-taught - launching a daily webcomic, even one populated by eyeballs and worms, is an excellent way to learn to draw, and I highly recommend it... but I probably would have benefited from a figure drawing class or two at some point. At this point, I've accumulated a whole menagerie of what I presume are bad habits, and it'd take a dedicated teacher years to beat them out of me.

(Thursday afternoon, INT: SW and WW's living room)

WW: Hey. Is that Castaway?
JH (entering with game box): Yep. Castaway, a.k.a. Deserted Island.
WW: I bet I can guess what it's about.
JH: I bet you can.
JH (setting up): We're gonna need more than two players. I was hoping Simon would be here?
WW: I think he is here, he's just... napping.
SW (coming in from offpanel): I'm here, I'm up, I'm here!
MH: I am also here!
JH: Oh, hey, perfect! I have minis for everyone!
MH: Oh cool, you made custom minis?
JH: Yeah, I personalized them. I did little pictures of us as castaways, everyone's all raggedy and barefoot and sunburnt.
JH: ...Well, most of us are sunburnt, anyway.
WW: I do sunburn, you know.
JH: Do you turn red?
WW: No.
JH: Then I can't draw it.
WW: Fair enough.