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I assure you, Castaway is a lot of fun. Unfortunately, unlike RPS Chess, Triptych, Dice Farmer, Flipmode, and Piņa Colada Panic, it's a little too large to completely explain in the comic itself (there's a whole deck of cards to it, y'see). I've got a PDF version you can print out, complete with full board, rules, deck of 65 cards, and Leftover Soup player pieces! [B&W] [colour]

(Thursday afternoon, INT: SW and WW's living room)

SW: Oh man, check out my manly scruffle. I'm so badass, you guys are all going down.
JH: Well, if we're going down, you're going down with us.
MH: I'm sorry, who's going down on who now?
JH: Castaway isn't a competitive game, it's co-operative. We're trying to light a signal fire and spell out H-E-L-P on the beach without letting anyone die in the process.
WW: Radical concept.
JH: See, the board's covered with these tokens, and it's a twenty-by-twenty grid, so we can use two d20s to distribute them randomly. Every time you grab a token, you get to draw a card. Most of them are items you can use, but some are negative events like Thirst or Animal Attacks that you might need help to deal with.
SW: Alright, well I'm going to be the most helpful person, then. In a badass way. Badassedly helpful.
MH: Couple of days on an island with no toilet paper, I think all our asses are going to be pretty bad...