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Many board games have no story or fluff whatsoever - Triptych and Flipmode are good examples. Others have some simple little metaphor, because it's easier to remember "rock", "paper" and "scissors" and how they interact than to allocate new memory to the function and definition of "glarp", "dook", and "fraggen". Then, of course, you've got games like Castaway, here, that have a setting and a story and characters, but where the rules of the game still trump "common sense".

In fact, I'd say that's the dividing line between a roleplaying game and a board or card game - not the role of the GM or any particular setting or accessory or play mechanic, but rather the reaction to "Well, logically, I should be able to..."

There's a lot that our castaways here should be able to do. They should be able to spell "SOS" instead of "HELP". They should be able to set fire to all the brush. They should be able to use the floatation devices to paddle out beyond co-ordinates (20,20). They should be able to draw straws and kill and eat the loser. If Castaway were a roleplaying game, no doubt, they could do all of that. It is a board game. They can't.

Of course, as Max has pointed out, what Jamie has drawn is a picture of a person who sucks dick. No doubt, she'd be playing differently if her piece was a nondescript purple token that had been designated "Player Four".

(Thursday afternoon, INT: SW and WW's living room)

MH: Oh come on, I should be able to swallow a load or two to offset the Hunger condition.
JH: Blowjobs are not a feature of this particular game. Castaway is intended for a general audience.
MH: What you have drawn here is a picture of Maxine Hellenberger. Maxine Hellenberger, by definition, sucks dick.
JH: Don't let the presence of twenty-sided dice fool you. This isn't a roleplaying game, it's a board game. The abstracted game mechanics trump the fiction of four humans on an island.
JH: Besides, I highly doubt Simon could produce enough calories from his urethra alone to stave off starvation.
WW: Yeah, even if he could, losing that much protein would, at best, transfer the Hunger card from you to him. Law of conservation of mass and all that.
SW: That is a sacrifice I am more than willing to make for my beloved.
MH: Aww, you're so sweet!
SW: Been eating a lot of pineapple recently, so yes.