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That's the interesting thing about Castaway - although people enjoy playing it, they tend to develop an animosity towards the setting they're trying to escape. I suppose I could have made a game in which you have a Robinson Crusoe / Swiss Family Robinson / Gilligan style island, where food is plentiful, you can build nifty treehouses, and the local monkeys can be easily trained to do household chores. I wanted a more realistic take on being marooned, though, something that inherently motivates you towards the end goal of escaping back to civilization.

(Because I made the minis at the typical 1"=5' scale, that means the island is, necessarily, only 100 feet across - certainly not enough to support a group of adult humans, regardless of how efficiently they farm the banana trees.)

True story: the first time I played this game with my Mom, she picked up a token - based on my advice - and died of thirst. That's right - I created a simulation wherein my mother was stranded on an island smaller than a typical city block, and I instructed her to make the choice that resulted in her perishing of dehydration. It was a little awkward.

(Thursday afternoon, INT: SW and WW's living room)

WW: That's the L! I've got the L, we're home free, I've just got to get it to the beach.
SW: I like how we've managed to light a fire and spell out H-E-blank-P and no one's rescuing us yet.
MH: Yeah, they're all like "He pee? Gross. Everyone steer clear of the Isle of Watersports."
SW (moving piece): And when it was just "HP", they were like "Huh, Hewlett Packard is into some weird viral marketing these days".
WW: What are you doing? You don't have to pick up any more tokens, it is literally one turn until we're rescued.
SW (drawing card): I know, I just wanted to pick up one last thing. A memento, perhaps, to commemorate our time on this twenty-square-by-twenty-square slice of heaven.
SW: ...and apparently, for my memento, I have dysentery. Fuck this rock, summon the yachts.
WW: You're sure? You don't want to stay and savour the-
SW: Summon. The. Yachts.