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To those members of my audience who are already gnashing their teeth about the fact that I am, yet again, dragging the police through the mud, I ask you to remember that we are hearing about these events from Bruce's point of view. He may be ever so slightly biased. To be fair, at the time he was arrested for resisting arrest, he was standing in front of the door to his back room, loudly asking to double check the fine print on a search warrant.

You will also note that he hasn't blamed his obviously broken nose on the police. Bruce is cheerful and nonconfrontational and honestly believes that he provides a service to the community, but he's no stranger to violence.

(Friday afternoon, INT: Funky Harvest)

JH: How'd you get that?
BK: As you know, I provide education and a safe space for members of the community to experience various off-brand pharmaceuticals.
JH: Right. That's not illegal, is it?
BK: As long as I'm not providing the medication or paraphernalia myself, no. Occasionally, though, that doesn't appear to matter.
JH: What'd they actually get you for?
BK: Resisting arrest.
JH: Resisting arrest and...?
BK: And nothing. Resisting arrest.
JH: That doesn't make any sense.
BK: Hence all the resistance!