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One of the major life lessons I've learned from spending years in the billing department of a major corporation is that greed is entirely unrelated to a person's financial situation.

Depending on your economic/psychological outlook, you might be inclined to believe that greed correlates to poverty (the desperate unwashed masses!) or to wealth (they must be greedy if they've got that much and they're not giving it away!), but I view it more as a function of personality. It's similar to mood - individual instances of good or bad fortune may cause you to temporarily swing in one direction or another, but overall, some people are just naturally cheerful and some aren't.

Another essential life lesson I've learned is a corollary to the popular witticism "just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you" - just because a conspiracy theory is true, doesn't mean you're not crazy for believing in and talking about it.

(Friday afternoon, INT: Funky Harvest)

JH: Are you seriously going the conspiracy theory route on this?
BK: Why not? It's considered impolite to point it out, but we live in a class-divided oligarchy. Deliberate misinformation in the mainstream entertainment would be the least sinister element of it.
JH: I think you're giving the oligarchs too much credit. Movie scripts aren't written with any sort of education, correct or incorrect, in mind. They're written with the intention of making money, putting butts in seats. Inaccuracy in matters of law or culture or love or anatomy is a side effect of making the story more interesting.
BK: Invisible hand or Illuminati, what does it matter if the end result is the same?
JH: I dunno, I do think intention, or the absence thereof, makes a difference. I'd like to imagine that the heads of Sony and MGM and Disney aren't actively plotting my downfall.
BK: Sure, they're just plotting to take as much of your money as possible.
JH: Speaking of which, you were eventually planning on giving me change for that twenty, right?