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I guess this is where I reiterate that the views expressed by the Leftover Soup characters aren't necessarily my own, that Cheryl is no more unbiased about hookers than Bruce is about cops, et cetera, et cetera. Full disclosure - I actually have a friend in the sex industry, (here's a link to where she works, it's obviously highly NSFW), and, as far as I'm aware, narcotics and coercion aren't even tangentially related to her job as she experiences it.

Of course, that's not to say that Cheryl is necessarily wrong, either... depending on how you interpret "prostitution as we know it". The world's oldest profession certainly does statistically correlate to all the things Cheryl lists off, not to mention child abuse, human trafficking, and straight up murder. I'm sure you're all capable of Googling the relevant facts and statistics, but I'll just go ahead and drop this here, if you want more information.

Oh, and I'll also reiterate that the woman in the background - who I'm sure is just thrilled that this is the storyline I've chosen to insert her into - is the recipient of the first prize to this contest. She is a lycanthrope and an awesome person and you can follow her on Twitter.

(Friday afternoon, INT: Funky Harvest)

JH: So is prostitution really that big of a problem?
ChA: No, it's not. You're welcome.
JH: No, I mean why. Why is prostitution illegal? Shouldn't people be allowed to do what they want with their bodies?
ChA: Oh God, not this again. Are you five? Are you seriously not familiar with... with things?
JH: I am honestly, legitimately asking you why you think prostitution should be illegal.
ChA: Christ, here we go. You're lucky this smoothie is good.
JH: I am, yes.
ChA: Alright, if nothing else, correlation. Wherever prostitution as we know it exists, it is always - always - associated with drug abuse, physical abuse, disease, and slavery.
JH: Slavery? Really?
ChA: Yeah. What do you think "pimping" is?
JH: I have been led to believe it has something to do with automotive upgrades.