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I think, ideally, this would be how the provinces of Canada or the states of the US would function. Try something - like, say, gay marriage, or medical marijuana - in one area, then adopt that policy elsewhere if it works out. Of course, the real world tends not to divide itself into nice compartmentalized petri dishes, and voters tend not to enjoy having their lives experimented with...

I guess I'll also point out that, like most "why can't I just do whatever I want?"-style libertarians, Jamie's coming at this prostitution question from a vantage point of unexamined privilege. "Wild West?", the straight white male says, "What's so bad about the Wild West? Who doesn't love cowboys?".

Of course, given that this strip features a character that is not only a straight white male, but is also Jamie, I think it's equally obvious that there's no malice or misogyny in his line of questioning, and certainly no seriousness. Jamie is not interested in exchanging money for intercourse, he's just picked up a topic and is running with it because that's how his mind works.

And yes, that's still Werewulf cameoing in the background there, presumably trying to focus on whatever she's reading and not in any way eavesdropping on our protagonists.

(Friday afternoon, INT: Funky Harvest)

JH: Okay, so, in an ideal world, where drug use and coercion aren't a factor...
ChA: And in an ideal world where people don't die of bullet wounds or car accidents, we could legalize firing guns into traffic.
JH: But, I mean, you can't just go by correlation, right? Alcohol is correlated with a lot of terrible crimes, but it's not illegal.
ChA: They tried that. Prohibition turned out to correlate with more crime, so they dropped it again. That's how that works.
JH: It sounds like you're advocating a sort of scientific method to social policy. Experiment with different configurations, go with whatever has the best overall result.
ChA: Scientific method, common sense, whatever you want to call it, sure.
JH: So, ideally, we'd have the world split into different regions like petri dishes, each one with a different set of laws, and there'd have to be some sort of control group...
ChA: We have a control group, it's called the woods. You wanna live there?