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Admit it, you'd watch that movie.

I was going to leave a really insightful comment here about undercover police work - y'know, the history of it in different locations, the psychology, the ethical quagmires, etc. - but when I was Googling around I stumbled across the Wikipedia article for the very first undercover policeman, a gentleman by the name of Vidocq. Seriously, check that shit out, right there.

Oh, and yes, that person in the background is still the recipient of the New Year's contest first prize (I have been instructed to refer to her as "Werewulf", but I'm sure you can call her whatever you like).

(Friday afternoon, INT: Funky Harvest)

JH: So if you were to be undercover and do the fake hooker thing, how does that work, exactly? Is it true that if someone asks if you're a cop, you have to tell them?
ChA: No, of course not. Undercover work would be impossible if you had to do that.
JH: So "Hello, I am a prostitute. Am I a cop? No, I am not. Would you like to have intercourse with me in exchange for money? You would? Okay, I lied, you're under arrest now."
ChA: Well, no, you can't actually offer it, that'd be entrapment. You have to just wear a short skirt and imply things, and wait for them to solicit you.
JH: So if a prostitute wanted to prove she wasn't a cop, she - or he, I guess, I shouldn't discriminate - they would just be upfront about it. If anyone goes around implying things, you know they're an undercover police officer.
ChA: Well, that would work, except that johns are sometimes undercover as well.
JH: Was there ever a case where two undercover people from different districts accidentally met up with each other, and just kept implying and implying, each waiting for the other to actually solicit first?
ChA: Once. Neither one wanted to break character, they exchanged innuendo on a street corner for three straight hours. Last I heard, they're married with five kids.