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I do think that the GM has a right to veto characters from thinking or wanting things, even if those things are technically possible. If you're playing in a medieval setting, for example, I might allow you to draft a primitive Magna-Carta-esque document, but if you start advocating a modern constitutional democracy, I'm just gonna shut it down by saying "No. Your characters do not think that."

And no, your character did not just happen to buy saltpeter and sulphur and accidentally mix them up by the charcoal fire, either.

(Saturday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's living room)

MH: Look, Lily, you can't have it both ways - either sexual orientation and gender identity are nature, in which case everybody and her sister will be slobbering for my X-chromosomed manrod, or they're nurture, which would excuse the widespread robophilia, but means that we can be transdudes and lesbians if we want.
LH: So you'd willingly live life in the wrong body, just because you'd get laid a lot.
MH: For the chance to treat an entire civilization of my fellow females to the unparalleled joys of heterosexual intercourse, instead of settling for robotic second best? You bet your sweet bippy I would. Small price to pay.
LH: You know what? Fine. Yes. Bill Tackleford. Broad shoulders, stubbly jaw, big swinging dick that ejaculates saline, and everywhere you go, people will say "what the hell is that". Happy?
MH: Ecstatic.
GU: Um... my character is female. And she's a doctor.
LH: Fine, beautiful, you meet in a space tavern and there's an old man with a map to some space gold guarded by space orcs. Whatever. Fuck.