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Lily doesn't get a whole lot of love from my readers, and I completely understand why. She is, for several reasons, reprehensible, and I have to draw from a dark self-hating place when I write her. But, of course, in much the same way that Max is not composed entirely of hedonism, Lily isn't composed entirely of sexism. There's a reason I made her a small business owner, the employer of two other characters, and the GM of the gaming group. Lily is all about Utopia, all about radical hope for the future, a prophet calling for a major and uncomfortable change in the universe. One cannot hope for a brighter future without simultaneously expressing dissatisfaction with the present and the status quo. Lily Hammerschmidt isn't just the nagging voice decrying a full half of humanity, she's also the voice saying "so why can't we do better?".

Of course, her Utopia might not be one you like, but at least she has one. Do you?

(Saturday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's living room)

EB: Lily, are you okay?
LH: I'm fine.
EB: You're pretty clearly not fine.
LH: It's just... Florenovia's important to me, okay?
LH: And it's not just the misandry thing or the robots. Florenovia is my Utopia, all the ideas I had for principles and technologies and societal structures for the future, for post-scarcity economics and post-mortality culture. As much as there is shit in the world today, I like to think someday we'll master hunger and poverty and disease and inequality.
LH: Florenovia is my hope.
EB: Max?
MH: Yeah?
EB: I know Lily technically said yes just now, but bringing in a penis-bearing humanoid runs counter to Florenovia's esthetic, and it is both literally and figuratively a dick move. This game is particularly significant to our friend, more so than our usual D&D. Please make Bill female.
MH: Yeah, okay.
LH: What, that's it?
MH: Hey, I don't recall you ever saying please. I'm susceptible to please.