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A couple of things:

1) I completely understand how frustrating it would be to try to defend something you'd written if the person you're talking to doesn't want to read the work itself. "So, the skinny blonde is a pansexual nympho who bangs anything that moves, and the grumpy fat one in glasses is a misandrist? Ugh, no, I don't think I need to read it, I already know what sort of comic that would be..."

2) "Libertarian" is one of those words that gets overused on the Internet, and, as such, has acquired a cultural meaning that is as valid as its literal definition. So yes, Lily is correct, she is the polar opposite of a libertarian, in that she likes wealth redistribution and a nigh-omnipotent central government. But Nicole is also correct, in that Lily is obsessed with an unrealistic fantasy in which rich people are rich because they work harder/smarter and are therefore more important and worthy of their wealth.

3) Consider this from Lily's point of view. As Ellen mentioned, the OrchidFire01 account has been active for ten years, and, if you've checked out the cast page, you know Lily is 30. She has been writing Florenovia stories for a full third of her life. And, given that none of these stories appear until you click "Show Mature", and they all feature solely women while excluding lesbians, it's unsurprising that her readers are straight men - the sort of straight men who don't mind reading about a world in which all males have died off and which is, therefore, a Utopia. Lily, for the past decade, has been cultivating an echo chamber fanbase of masturbating dudes, and this is the first time she's trotted out her pet world for people she respects. There's bound to be a bit of a clash.

4) This is the tenth strip where the ladies have been sitting around "gaming" and they haven't picked up a single d20 yet. I think we can all agree that they should get on with it already.

(Saturday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's living room)

NP: Death may be delayed by Florenovian medicine, but it is still inevitable. Don't you feel that banning someone from reproducing is equivalent to saying they don't deserve to live? Or don't people inherently deserve to live in Florenovia?
LH: You're kinda being overdramatic with this, Nicole. Can we please just get on with the adventure and you can read some of my writing later? It's really better outlined in the stories themselves.
NP: I really have no inclination to read your weirdass libertarian-manifesto-robot-porn mashups.
EB: They're really well-written, actually. You'd like'em, I'm not just saying that.
LH: ...libertarian?
MH: I'd like to second Lily's request that we just get started with the roleplaying and shelve the socioeconomic debate for a later date, ideally when I'm not here.
LH: Do you even know what the word "libertarian" means? I am literally the polar oppos-
EB: Lily! We're adventuring!
LH: Right, right...