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I'm not going to do a big writeup on Florenovian politics like I did on their economy. I will, however, mention that yes, as you may have expected, there are licenses one must earn in order to vote in various types of referendum - in Florenovia, your opinion on a complex issue doesn't matter much if you can't prove that it's an informed opinion. And yes, the escalating seat cost is specifically designed to induce churn. And yes, all money thusly collected does go towards the same pot that taxes do.

I've said it before and I might as well say it again here: I believe that the chief benefit of democracy is not that it mirrors the will of the people, but that it promotes regular, peaceful regime change. I don't care how legitimate a country's elections are or how often they hold them - if the same person has been in charge for more than ten years running, they're not a president or a prime minister, they're a king.

If you were interested in picking apart weird futuristic political ideas, I'm sorry to disappoint. Might I recommend the Extra Credits series on applying game design techniques to the political system? It's quite intriguing, and many of the ideas Lily incorporates are similar, but adjusted for an immortal, monogendered, poverty-and-disease-free population.

(Saturday night, INT: hallway outside EB and JH's apartment)

JH: Oh, hey, Lily. Don't mind me, just... y'know... coming home from work.
LH: Don't care.
JH: How was game?
LH: Game was... good.
JH: I, uh... I read your Florenovian fiction.
LH: Which story?
JH: All of'em. I thought your ideas for using referendums to balance the will of the people with a non-democratic meritocracy were really interesting.
LH: Well, coming up with the escalating seat cost model was key. In a world without old age, there's a very real risk of stagnation and a caste system developing, I wanted to make sure there was diversity in the plutarchy and everyone involved was vertically mobile in both directions.
JH: And um... I didn't masturbate into my keyboard at all.