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Okay, for those of you who haven't been keeping track, here's how much time has passed - the easy way to remember is by game weeks. The first game week we saw was still in 3.5. The second game didn't happen on panel - Jamie was being mugged at the same time, and I chose to focus on that instead, Ellen mentioned they'd been TPKed while she was driving him home from the police station. The third game was the first foray into fourth edition, which wound up not happening because Ellen read the module. The fourth game was Max's. The fifth game was Florenovia, it wrapped up a few hours ago, this is Sunday immediately after that.

Jamie received news of Richard's death less than a week after the mugging took place, so he's been dead about two and a half weeks at this point.

(Sunday night, INT: EB and JH's living room, lights are on.)

EB: Y'know, maybe you'd sleep better if you got an actual bed.
JH: I'm comfortable enough. I just... I keep seeing him.
EB: You know what you need?
JH: Benzodiazepine?
EB: Closure. You should go visit the grave. Say goodbye. Yell at the asshole, maybe.
JH: How would I find where he's buried?
EB: There aren't that many cemeteries in town. We'll call'em each up and ask if they've recently buried a Richard Knight, I can't imagine they'd not tell us.
JH: I dunno, I can imagine that.
EB: Well, don't tell them you're going to yell at him...