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It's fair to say that a huge part of my religious and moral upbringing during my adolescent years was focused around sexuality and masturbation - which is to say, preventing it. One of the major arguments brought to bear against the scourge of teenage self-stimulation was that to look upon a woman with lust in your heart was disrespectful.

Now, I'll buy that line if we're talking about your friends or coworkers, or perhaps even an inappropriately-distributed selfie or some hidden cam upskirt porn... but if someone is consciously and intentionally engaging in the production of erotica for mass consumption, surely regarding this person as they wish to be regarded isn't disrespectful. I mean, imagine running into some pornstar on the street and saying "just so you know, I saw you in Cum Sluts In Paradise 9 and didn't think about you in a sexual way at all". I don't think "respected" is how that performer would feel.

And that's assuming we're talking about this person as themselves. When you're talking about a writer or artist or animator, particularly if they're depicting a fictional character, I don't really see how any sort of disrespect carries over... unless, of course, you're conflating the artist with their art somehow. As I've commented before, I have plenty of friends who are artists, many of whom draw adult-themed works. I have, firsthand, seen plenty of cases of some Internet weirdo making the logical leap from "hey, you drew this" to "hey, you must be into this" to "hey, you must want to hear details about my dick". Now that's disrespectful.

Personally, though, I don't expect I'd mind that much. Granted, I don't do a whole lot of adult art, and I tend to have a rather unpolished, cartoony style, so I don't think there are that many people out there rubbing their respective nubbly bits to my oeuvre at any given time. I do think, though, that if I ever did receive an unsolicited comment from someone who felt the need to report back on their biological reaction to my work - even if I found the commenter themselves to be repugnant for whatever reason - that I could take it as a compliment. Heck, the back corner of my brain where Max lives would probably be thrilled that I/she was able to facilitate one more orgasm being brought into the world.

(Monday afternoon, INT: Overdrive Computers)

LH: Did your roommate really read all my Florenovia stories? Every single one?
EB: I wasn't exactly looking over his shoulder, but I know he's read at least the first two and the last three. If he said he'd read them all, I see no reason to disbelieve him.
LH: And he didn't masturbate to it?
EB: Again, I really wasn't looking over his shoulder, but I see no reason to disbelieve him. If he says he didn't, he probably didn't.
LH: Why the hell not?
EB: Okay, if we're going to be having this discussion, you're either going to need to clock me out early or relax your restrictions about drinking on the job.