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Lily's quite right. Everyone has different versions of themselves - a family version, a friends version, a work version - and it's not necessarily lying if those versions happen to have different personality traits or opinions or priorities. I suppose the phenomenon is more prevalent in the modern world, especially on the Internet, especially for those of us who make art of some sort on the Internet. I've often toyed with the idea of creating one or more sockpuppet alternate selves and doing different online projects through them, but it seems like a lot of work, and both my writing and my drawing style are pretty distinctive.

(Monday afternoon, INT: Overdrive Computers)

EB: Alright, so does everyone who reads your fiction have to be sexually aroused by it, or just the heterosexual males? Because, I gotta tell ya, I didn't fap to Florenovia either.
LH: I just think it's weird that he'd read through the whole thing in one go if he wasn't... y'know, biologically motivated. There's over a thousand pages' worth.
EB: Maybe he was legitimately intrigued by your sci-fi worldbuilding and plotlines. Maybe he was just curious about you as a person, what makes you tick.
LH: I don't want him knowing what makes me tick. My ticking is none of his business.
EB: But you're okay with sharing that side of yourself with literally thousands of strangers?
LH: That's different.
EB: Why is it different?
LH: Oh, you know. Everyone has multiple social circles, different personality traits they let show in different contexts.
LH: You might not be ashamed of your roleplaying, per se, but I doubt you'd be comfortable gaming with your father in your apartment, for example.
EB: I don't think we'd be physically capable of gaming if my dad was in the room. He'd probably be grievously offended that we were partaking in an activity that didn't, in some way, result in either the acquisition of real estate or contribution to a low-risk high-yield retirement fund.