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For those of you who may not know, the dx nomenclature is used to indicate an x-sided die. And yes, there is such a thing as a d3.

And yes, this is a method for rolling a dx with proper probability distribution, if you have no dice. You and a partner throw a number from 1 to x, add, and subtract x if greater than x. If you can count in binary, you can roll up to a d31 - or a d1023 if you use both hands!

On an unrelated note - this is, as I understand it, one of the chief differences between men and women. Men, generally speaking, who wake up midmolest are generally cheerful about it, to say the least. Women who wake up midmolest consider it assault. Just a heads up, there.


(Saturday. INT: Outside Simon and Wallace's apartment)

MH: Ellen, you have your d3 on you?
EB: Didn't bring my dice, sorry. We could just shoot for it.
JH: Shoot for it?
EB: Like rock paper scissors, throw one, two, or three fingers. We add them up, and subtract three if it's greater than three. It yields a random number with the correct probability distribution.
MH: Okay, so... one, two, three, SHOOT.
(They both throw scissors)
JH: Two and two is four, you just rolled a one. What do we win?
MH: Well, if Simon or Wallace are still napping, I get to play World's Greatest Alarm Clock. And now I know what orifice to use.
EB (as though her hand is now dirty): Oh yay, and now I'm indirectly involved. Remind me to boil my hand.