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For those of you who don't speak Bible-ese, "three score and ten" is a reference to Psalm 90, wherein seventy years, apparently, is a typical human lifespan. Of course, the Florenovian culture isn't big on biblical literacy, or those activists would realize that, in context, the psalm is bemoaning the impermanence of life, rather than marking it as a moral imperative.

(Of course, given that they're strawman badguys in Lily's writing, that not-getting-the-point-itude is likely done intentionally on her part. It's kind of like the modern-day financial conservative tendency to latch onto "the poor you shall always have with you" and "if a man will not work, he shall not eat" instead of literally any other verse about money in the Bible.)

(Monday afternoon, INT: Overdrive Computers)

LH: Maybe the gaming group was the wrong venue. Max and Nicole, in particular, didn't seem to get what I was going f-
EB (interrupting): Oh, don't try to play the "you guys just aren't ready for this" card. Florenovia is facing criticism from adults who aren't blinded by boners for the first time. The Lily Hammerschmidt I know wouldn't back down from that.
LH: Well, the adventure I had planned for next week was an attack on a medical research facility by Three Score And Ten activists. How do you recommend I handle that?
EB: That depends. Are you intending to have a big fun adventure with your friends, or do you want to have an in-depth discussion about the ramifications of human immortality?
LH: I want to do both.
EB: Well, I don't recommend you handle it that way.
LH: Okay, what do you want to run, then?
EB (uncertain): Uhhh...