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Okay, just because there was some confusion about character sexuality earlier, this time around, I'm gonna be completely clear.

Yes, Wallace is in a polyamorous relationship with both men and women, and yes, he identifies himself as homosexual. To quote Dan Savage, an awful lot of "rounding up" and "rounding down" goes on when it comes to sexual identities. I figure if Erika Moen can marry a dude and still identify as "queer", I can write a gay character who regularly sleeps with women.


(Saturday. INT: Simon and Wallace's apartment)

MH: Aw, poo, you're awake.
WW: Sorry, pumpkin. But hey, it's after noon, and I had stuff to do today. Who's your friend?
MH: Wallace, this is Jamie, Ellen's new roommate. He's a cook, he makes board games, and he singlehandedly dove across a table to slap a meat-loaded fork out of my hand.
MH: Jamie, this is Wallace White, boyfriend numero uno. He's a graphic designer, a drummer, a soccer goalie, and the self-professed worst homosexual in the world.
MH: He also happens to be living proof of the stereotype that black dudes have big penises: he's hung like a Louisville Slugger; I need his dick like oxygen.
WW (offering his hand to shake): Hey, nice to meet you.
JH (awkwardly fistbumps it): Hey.
WW: You know you don't have to fistbump me just because I'm black, right?
JH: Well, evidently I do, since you were trying to shake my right hand.