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I expect there are two sorts of people who will read this comic.

One group will read it and say "Wow, that sure is a steaming mass of random weirdness that Tailsteak pulled out of nowhere."

And the other read it and say "Yup, that one panel right there... that sure is the sort of thing that I have to consciously make sure doesn't come out of my mouth."

(Tuesday morning, INT: elevator)

MH (squatting): I legit do not understand why everybody isn't fucking everybody else all the time.
MH: I mean... you got your genitals! They're right out there in front! Not horny? Watch some porn! That's what it's for!
MH: The world would objectively be a better place if everybody was fucking everybody else all the time. We'd have world peace. It should be mandatory.
MH (facedown on the floor): I'm such a piece of shit. I'm a shitty piece of shitty shit.
MH: No one loves me. No one should love me. Everything I touch turns to garbage.
MH: The earth will be cleaner when I'm dead.
MH (kneeling, clutching at JH's shirt): Fuck me, Jamie, fuck me hard. I am literally on my knees, begging you to fuck me as hard as you can.
MH: Mouth, pussy, ass, any position you want.
MH: Stab me and fuck the wound, I don't care.
MH: Just please, please, cum inside my body. If you cum inside me, I can have worth and value and purpose as a human being.
MH (pressing her cheek up against the wall, staring into space): The outside world, and our memories of it, are an illusion. There is only this elevator. There was only ever this elevator.
MH: We were not born. We will never die.
MH: This cube is the universe and the universe is this cube-
JH: It's been forty-five minutes!