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I get preoccupied with death sometimes. I think we all do. It's a natural side effect of being alive.

When I was younger, paranoia re: the afterlife (or lack thereof) was one of the main driving forces behind my religiosity. These days, I've grown more calm and accepting of the idea of the end of my life and/or existence. Perhaps that's a natural part of growing older - as you watch new generation slot itself into place behind you, you get a better sense of the world enduring without you.

In a way, my thanatophobia is sort of the opposite of acrophobia. The old joke with acrophobia is "I'm not scared of falling - it's the sudden stop at the end that worries me!". In the opposite way, I might be afraid of injury or disease or age, but the "sudden stop at the end" seems relatively peaceful... and certainly necessary. Who would want to live in a world of immortals, anyway?

(Tuesday afternoon, INT: elevator)

MH: We're gonna die. We are all. Going. To die.
JH: Yup.
MH: We're gonna die and everything we've ever done will, in time, be erased and forgotten.
JH: Probably.
MH: How... how do you live? How do you live, knowing you're going to die?
JH: How would you live if you weren't going to die?
MH: I don't know.
JH: There you go. Removing death from the equation doesn't make life any simpler or less confusing. It just makes it take longer.
JH: So we can stop talking about death now.
MH: You'd think so, wouldn't you?
JH: Yeah, call it wishful thinking...