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These two have a weird relationship.

And Jamie's kidding around in that first panel, of course. He doesn't actually have a second pair of pants.

(Tuesday afternoon, INT: MH's apartment, living room)

MH: There are a lot of people who would have... y'know... taken advantage. Not that I would have minded, to be honest.
JH: Well, gee golly, that whole "stab me and fuck the wound" thing was super appealing, but, gosh darn it, I left my bowie knife in my other pants.
JH: Besides, if I was ever going to have sex with you, I'd want to do it with you. The asshole that tried to drown you, I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.
MH: Hey, at least you got to sneak a li'l peek at my titties while I was changing, and don't say you didn't.
JH: I didn't, actually.
MH: I said don't say that.
JH: You had your back to me, and there were no convenient reflective surfaces. I saw your back.
MH: Well now I feel bad for scoping your dingus when you were peeing.
JH: It was limp and there was urine coming out of it. Unless you've got one of those watersports fetishes, I can't imagine that doing much for you.
MH: Oh yeah, that's right, I was gonna show you some videos.
JH: Y'know what, I've decided I believe you. I'm good.